Monday, April 04, 2005

Creative Commons Translation

April 20 and no answer from CC.
So I am left to think they don't give a damn about making their idea (which I think is great) comprehensible in other languages.
No problem. Pity about the hours I've spent on the translation, but that's the way it goes.
Now they have fixed the Spanish version somehow, but still full of mistakes such as:
"clicando en "proceder", enviará ..."
No existe el verbo clicar, hombre, por dios...
I am still working on the animation.
It would be nice and helpful if you can send me a time code for the entire script marking the exact points where the voiceover comes in. That way I would go much faster.
I have already translated the Flash type and recorded the Spanish voiceover.
Another different issue arised when I browsed your website. The "translated" spanish version is full of spelling and grammar mistakes, to the point of making the whole of the text confusing and misleading (specially licences).
Not a big deal, perhaps, but as I do get regular work as a translator, I don't want potential customers to think I am involved in that kind of translations.
I don't think I am the right person to point this out to whoever is responsible for the Spanish translations, so please let me know when you have this issue resolved and I will be glad to start linking to your site.
Christiane Asschenfeldt wrote:

>Did you translate the flash?
>Best, Christiane
>On 25.03.2005, at 10:17, Rafa Minu wrote:
>> I have downloaded a tryout version and I am working on the translation.
>> I'll have it ready next week.
>> I am almost done with the website, as well.
>> One Question:
>> Should I put the translation in my web or better in yours and link
>> from it?
>> Christiane Asschenfeldt wrote:
>>> Matt, do you have an idea how to do the flash translation best?
>>> Best, Christiane
>>> On 10.03.2005, at 03:40, Neeru Paharia wrote:
>>>> Great than can you send us a copy of the work you want to place under
>>>> the Founders' Copyright? About the flash translation, thanks so much
>>>> for the offer, though I'm not sure how you could proceed without
>>>> flash. I've cc'ed Christiane and Matt to see if either of them have
>>>> any ideas on this. Thanks so much.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Neeru
>>>> On Mar 9, 2005, at 1:34 PM, Rafa Minu wrote:
>>>>> Seems fine to me. As a matter of fact I did the registration process
>>>>> in order to learn how to protect somehow some of the websites I
>>>>> created. Is O.K. with me if someone wants to use the text or
>>>>> illustrations there as long as they credit the authors.
>>>>> Unfortunately
>>>>> this hasn't been the case and I have even accused of copying other's
>>>>> work.
>>>>> All this has led me to create a website that provides some kind of
>>>>> registration and legal support for authors that, like me, see their
>>>>> work copied for commercial purposes without any recognition. I hope
>>>>> to have it finished in a couple of weeks and I intend to integrate
>>>>> Creative Commons licenses into the web site.
>>>>> I would like to translate the Creative Commons Animations into
>>>>> Spanish and I have downloaded the files
>>>>> (Creative_Commons_-_Get_Creative.fla, etc) but I haven't got Flash
>>>>> app. Is there any other way of modifying the .fla file?. I could do
>>>>> the audio and perhaps send you the translation as a text file for
>>>>> the
>>>>> Flash animation?

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