Tuesday, July 11, 2006

iPhoto sucks

Thank you for taking the bother to answer my mail.
I have to tell you that I have spent literally hours searching through “iPhoto Help”, Google and Apple's public discussion forums, to no avail. At the end I had to erase my iPhoto Library in order to get it running back again, thus losing my Albums, prefs, etc.
Graphic Converter which is the product of just one guy, has not ever done that to me.
If you want the non-expert opinion of an end user who has been using Macs since 1990, Mac OSX is a total mess. I honestly believe is a pathetic attempt to emulate Open Source software.
The difference is that while Open Source is free by nature and you usually get tons of help from other users, OSX is not open, is not free and the support is, well, close to non-existant.
Sorry if I am talking to the wrong person, but you are the only human from Apple I can direct my anger to.
There is something intrinsically wrong about the way you are driving the company.
Just to give you an example, how come you can not copy&paste from X11 to Mac OSX?
This is 2006 and you are still fumbling with this issues?
Pathetic is the only word that comes to my mind, sorry if I am being too honest.

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