Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Girls prefer CSS

I have been lately dwelling into the intricacies of CSS.
I had to. For a long while I tried to resist to the new (about 5 years old) standard of Internet, but at the end I had to claudicate. It is definitely the way to go, especially when working with CMSs and PHP.

I use to hate CSS and more specifically the DIV tag. It gave me all sorts of headaches.

I even started a draft never to be published, appropriately titled: "I hate DIVs".

But now, there's no turning back, Tables are dead. Long Live to CSS.
This is the era of table-less code.

One thing that stroke me as weird when looking for help on the subject was that many of the answers to my doubts came from women.
The ones I met were both very young and very capable at understanding how CSS works. And also pretty, don't ask me why.
I suppose it has to do with their use of the right hemisphere, more developed in women than in men.
It makes sense, because CSS deals with more abstract concepts like layers and relative positions, whereas Tables are more analytical and to me, more trustworthy, but also less creative and more cumbersome.

Time will say, if as a side-effect, this process of migration will make me become a more creative person ...


laparanoia said...

CSS implementation is actually more than 10 years old.
As far back as 17 December 1996 W3C published CSS level 1 Recommendation (CSS1):

“The design community has confirmed that using CSS promotes beauty while making it easier and less expensive to build sites, ” said Bert Bos, W3C Style Activity Lead and one of the original co-authors of the specification that became CSS level 1, published on 17 December 1996.

Rafa Minuesa said...

Thankyou, paranoia,
but I was talking about real implementation of CSS in web design, a trend that hasn't caught on until recent years.