Friday, October 19, 2007


facebookI've joined Facebook just out of curiosity.
Everyone mentions it, and I bump into it when using a Bookmarking Service, so I had the perfect excuse to explore it.
It is supposed to connect you with friends, share photos, and create your own profile.

At the Sign Up stage you are required to indicate whether you're signing up as a company member or a student and to enter a valid email address and additional details depending on your choice.

I tried to enter my company's ( e-mail address, at the form didn't recognize it as a valid email address???
Why? Because it's got numbers in it? Absurd?
So I used my company's Gmail account (also with numbers, BTW)
confirmation email arrived and on to:

step 1 of 3
I'm asked to find friends using my email address book

Please fill in all the fields to find your friends.
We currently only import webmail address books from Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, MSN, and Yahoo.
Your Email: @
Email Password:
We won't store your login info or contact anyone without your permission.
Don't worry, you can still use Facebook. Simply click here to skip this step.
So I skipped it.
No way I am giving away my e-mail pwd to no one.

step 2 of 3
I am asked to fill out my Profile Info

Company: Again???
(if any)
(if any)

I diligently filled the redundant fields and got to a page that said:
I am starting to get a bit pissed off and I haven't even completed my registration ...
Back and Skip this Step
I then realized that JavaScript was turned off. Turned on and everything OK. My fault.

step 3 of 3
I am asked to join a Network
Once you join, you will be able to see the profiles of other people in the selected network, and they will be able to see yours. You can change your privacy settings on the Privacy page.
I've chosen Spain.
I hope I don't regret it later

Finished the Registration.
I am Welcomed and presented with several options to explore Facebook.
Search for friends
Finding your friends makes your Facebook experience better. You can search for classmates or coworkers or look for friends by name.
Several Options here:
  • Browse people in your networks.
  • Search for classmates from high school and college.
  • Search by workplace or organization to search for coworkers.
  • Advanced search the profiles of people you can see.
No one when I do a search of all Networks for 1001webs.

The Advanced Search is like one of those Dating Agencies:
Basic Info:
Home Town
Home State Home Country
Interested In
Relationship Status
Looking For
Political Views
Religious Views
Contact Info:
Screen Name
Land Phone
State Country
Personal Info:
TV Shows
Education Info:
School Status
Class Year
HS Year
Work Info:

I suppose I should better fill out my profile with detailed information, upload a profile picture to help friends recognize me, etc.:
Name: Rafael
Sex: Male
Home Town: Madrid
Home Country: Spain
Interested In: Women
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Whatever I can get
Political: Very Liberal
Religion: If God exists and has given us a Brain, then it would be a horrible Sin not to use it and believe without scientific backup what other people tell us
Screen Name: RafaMinu
Mobile: 34620443347
Country: Spain
Activities: Swimming, Diving
Interests: Internet
Music: Andreas Volleiwander
TV Shows: Monty Python
Movies: Blade Runner
Books: H.P. Lovecraft
Favorite Quote: Love conquers everything, even Karma
Job Title: Director
I then went on to do some research, get friends, poke people, and else.
And here the System excelled, really.
Very well put together, very easy to use, lots of options and very Web 2.0-like.

And then, there is the News Feeds
You are presented with a number of slides that you can adjust to get News Feeds from Friends you care about most, and filter away the ones you don't care about.
You can select up to 20 friends that you find interesting. You will get News Feed stories about these people more frequently.
And you can select up to 20 friends that you prefer not to see in your News Feed. You will only get stories about these people if nothing else is available.

I wish I could waste my time in there a bit more.

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